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History ______________________________

If You Love Art, You’ll Love Our History.

Over 115 years of romp-stomping artists… bohemians, realistic geniuses, painters of the American west, founders of art nouveau…the Palette & Chisel has seen them all.   Illustrators, portrait painters, watercolorists, sculptors, the list goes on and on…

From iconic artists and not so famous artists to the bullet holes in the wall, the Palette & Chisel has a history as colorful as the art we produce.

Click HERE for a link to our history blog run by P&C archivist, Stuart Fullerton.

Open Session 1935

We have included a special edition of a newsletter that touched on highlights of our history. The front and back covers offer a text book-like history, while the center spread highlights some fun moments that only a bunch of artists could enjoy.  Click here to enter our past. 

The bullet holes in the wall?   What’s wrong with a drunken housekeeper shooting up the place now and then?   Oh and by the way, rumor has it that Al Capone’s henchmen hid their get-away cars in our coach house.